Sessions with Cushla

One on one Skype sessions approx 1 hour long:

Sessions are organised over email and a mutual time will be organised. They will be held in English though you are welcome to have an interrupter present as this is a common practice with some of my South American clients.

AU$150 – for individual session

AU$700 – for set of 5 pre-paid sessions usually $750 ($50 SAVINGS!)

AU$1,300 – for a set of 10 pre-paid sessions usually $1,500 ($200 SAVINGS)

In-Person Sessions:

In person sessions within 20 km of metro Perth AU$200, areas outside negotiable with travel costs included.

Held in the Daily Healing Circle:

The healing card and its meaning will be posted daily and I will be giving you a personalized treatment for your request every day. You will be given this personalized treatment on your initial registration, either through email or on your personal Facebook page whichever suits you.

AU$90 for 3 months

AU$160 for 6 months

AU$200 for a year

Clearing of Work/Living Space:

Distant clearing of work/house space over Skype AU$150 per hour (average house three bedroom takes one hour) with 20 minutes maximum follow-up session included.

In person, if distance makes possible, including provision of supportive crystals etc AU$350 includes 1 follow up call for 20 mins max.

Please request the session you are interested in. Once the availability is confirmed, you’ll receive instructions on how to pay through Paypal. Thank you!

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